Pera Career Solutions is one of the competent consultancy firms that provides selection and placement services with its professional staff specializing various sectors.

Pera Career Solutions derives its strength from the global knowledge and technological skills of the firms that are associated with the CottGroup®,to which it belongs. Pera provides selection and placement services to its clients in many various fields. Such fields include Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Production, Supply Chain Management, Retailing, Banking & Insurance, Technology, Health, Administrative Affairs & Office Support.The services provided varies from making recommendations to a firm in candidate selection strategies to helping a candidate find the job that he/she desires.

Acting on the premise that the most valuable capital that will carry corporations forward is the human factor, companies should give prominence to creating a consistent and peaceful working environment for their employees that will allow them to realize their creativity and support their continuous improvement. Pera Career Solutions meets all such expectations with its specialized staff under the motto of “Our work is for the right person”.

Not only does the right person for the right job bring about higher efficiency and higher performance, it also goes to show that the working environment is one of cozy, entertaining and dynamic place that allows for open communication. The person placed in the right job and supported by HR processes enjoys doing his/her job and remains loyal to the corporation he/she works for.

For us, the most important issue is to offer a positive, flexible and stress free process for employers while providing selection and placement services, and to understand the requirements of job seekers in their career goals and thereby helping them out in their choices. This way, we reduce the selection and placement costs by bringing together the right candidate and right job, which helps our corporate profitability in a positive way.





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