Eco4Hunt is an ecosystem which is designed to find staff that integrates with your company's goals, corporate identity and vision. Eco4hunt is equipping your company with the right work force, maximizing the chance to compete in the industry. In addition, Eco4hunt aims to maximize the efficiency of your company by developing an innovative HR strategy.This ecosystem is fed from four separate channels: Consulting, Outsourcing Planning, Technology Support and Individual and Corporate Training Services. All of them are given by the professional consultants that are experts in their areas. Advantages of this ecosystem can be listed as follows;

• We can shape up a suitable job description for you, free of charge, from the thousands profiles currently registered with our database.

• Our company has all kinds of security policies and is ready to deal with potential risks.

• Following the recruitment of each personnel, we contact our clients and candidates to make sure they are happy in their jobs, as everybody’s happiness means a great deal to us.

• We constantly follow the career developments of our candidates. You can retain consultancy services from UP İnsan Kaynakları Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti. ( for the trainings required in this respect, which is also one of our group companies.

• Through, you can work with us in dealing with all kinds of legal legislative requirements of the foreign personnel you wish to employ as well as their residence and work permits without having to engage another intermediary. WORKINTURKEY does not operate like an ordinary agency in getting residence, work and other legal permits, but it follows up the entire process with its own attorneys. It ensures that the application and follow up procedures are smoothly and securely concluded through its attorneys specialized specifically in obtaining permits.

• We are aware that, from time to time, both our clients and the candidates may feel the need to make calculations with respect to monthly wages, annual incomes, additional benefits and taxation and social security legislation. Wrong recruitments made as a result of the lack of knowledge in this area may cause cost differences and losses. Our founding company Boss Yönetişim A.Ş. ( the payroll processes of hundreds of local and foreign companies. It is the sector’s leading company in technical payrolling. Therefore you do not need to go through the salary simulations and gross-net payment calculations for the candidate. We help you relax by doing such calculations accurately on your behalf.

• We are able to hold interviews in our office in the native languages of English, German, French, Arabic and Russian. For all other languages, we make use of the LTI over the phone interview system.

• We have partnership agreements with leading Human Resources companies.

• We provide professional employer service (PEO Service) for any candidate you wish, in other words, we provide you with sub employer services by taking the personnel you need into our own payroll due to headcount or periodical requirements.

• All of our work and your records are kept in our document management system. You can access to all the CVs we sent you in our digital archive free of charge. You do not have to print out CVs. We guarantee that you will be able to use your digital archive for the rest of your life even after your contract has expired.

The ecosystem mentioned above (eco4hunt) will prove to be a solution that will meet all of your requirements thanks to the combination of knowledge, experience and technology we provide for you.




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