Pera Career Solutions follows a thorough work method for the selection and placement of senior level executives. First and foremost, Pera Career Solutions visits the client's workplace in order to make an intelligent analysis of the company's objectives and to gain insight into the company culture. Then, it identifies the requisites sought in a candidate and helps the client create an attractive compensation and benefits package.

Pera Career Solutions employs a unique “headhunting" method in selection and placement of senior level executives. Privacy is of utmost importance both for the candidate and the company during the selection stage, hence this process is handled carefully by specialists experienced in their field. The privacy of the parties involved is protected while maintaining an accurate and impartial flow of information for both ends, and ensuring the client is introduced to the most suitably skilled candidate required for the position.

Pera Career Solutions selects, interviews and presents the candidates to the client and follows up through the entire process until recruitment is successful and the newly hired executive commences work. During this process, not only does Pera Career consider whether the candidate is suitable for the client, but it also takes into account to what extent the position is consistent with the candidate’s career goals. It focuses on making the right decision for the parties involved.

Pera Career Solutions gives an employment guarantee for each hired position for a limited period of time.


Pera Career Solutions receives employee request forms by clients for open positions in order to start its mid level executive and qualified employee selection and placement services. Searches are initially conducted on the Faster CV database to identify the most suitable candidates. Depending on the recruitment needs, Pera Career also makes use of other selection methods including networking and advertising. After the initial search and screening, candidates are duly presented to the client.

Pera Career Solutions conducts proficiency interviews with the candidates. During this stage, Pera Career focuses on identifying and eloborating the concrete and measurable successes achieved by candidates in their previous positions. Moreover candidates' personality traits are also evaluated in order to determine to what extent they are compatible with the company's corporate culture. The entire process is thoroughly followed up until the position is closed by organizing interviews with the candidates found suitable by the client. In anonymous position searches where the company name is kept confidential, the company name will not be revealed to candidates until the client interview stage.

Pera Career Solutions gives an employment guarantee for each hired position for a limited period of time.


Pera Career Solutions offers an efficient and quick assessment process that helps you select the most suitable candidates from a large pool of candidates within a short period of time for your collective recruitment needs.

During this process, clients are assisted in every step of the way from identifying the assessment criteria and project planning to preparing assessment tools and detailed reports based on assessments acquired during the collective interviews with the candidates.



It may be necessary to rearrange the workforce during and after the changes and structural alterations occurring in the organization due to various reasons. Pera Career Solutions also has expertise in fields such as administration, labour law, communication and consulting that may be of service to clients during the transitional phase of outplacement.

The support given during such processes ensures that the value given to those who are likely to lose their jobs are efficiently expressed, that the loyalty of those remaining in the company is maintained with their motivation intact, and that the positive image and reputation of the company is preserved due to its responsible and just attitude in keeping its most skilled employees in the firm.



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