Eco4hunt ,which is designed by Pera Kariyer, has brought a new breath into the world of Human Resources.It aims to provide convenient ecosystem for perfect selection to its customers.

In today's competitive business world,detecting the most suitable work force and bringing in to company require painstaking work.According to us,like a perfect suit emerged from a master tailor's hand fitting in with the body,employee must be in complete agreement with the vision ,objectives and culture of the company.Employees must show dedicated efforts for the benefit of their companies.In this competitive enviroment,It is known fact that,if the life expectancy of the employee and company's vision match exactly,than employee will be fond of working and bring in true power to the company.For all these reasons,reaching to the right human resources and employ them gained so much importance.

The services we offer include not only providing the right human resources for companies but also reconstructing and supervising HR departments to obtain solid foundation and innovative strategies based on company's targets.

We offer our customers innovative ecosystem ( Eco4Hunt )which is fed from four separate channels : Consulting , Outsourcing Planning, Technology Support and Individual and Corporate Training Services. Each parts are given by our professional consultants that are experts in their fields.

We offer a considerable saving by managing these services from one channel. In addition , it will provide HR department more time to focus on more strategic objectives and it will raise the efficiency.

The quality of the Pera Kariyer services ,comes from being a sub-company of CottGroup and guaranteed by the other companies under CottGroup which are experts in their field.

  • For all kinds of consultancy needs our founder company Boss Governance Inc. ( ) ,
  • For corporate and individual training needs UP Human Resources Consulting Limited Co. ( ) ,
  • To meet your qualified employee needs as soon as possible by Turkey's newest and fastest career portal FasterCv ( ) ,
  • To Solve any problems of your foreign employee in Turkey ( )

All of the companies stated above,are acting as a team member under the roof of CottGroup to obtain an innovative ecosystem for your needs.




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